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Ios Greece

Discover the beautiful Greek island of Ios

The Cyclades island of Ios is the perfect destination for an enjoyable holiday in Greece, and has many wonderful places that make it an island filled with charm and natural beauty.

Ios is considered by many to be one of the Cyclades's most beautiful islands, and is one where you can enjoy some stunning landscapes and scenery throughout the year. The island is the final resting place of Homer the great poet and is also the homeland of his mother. Ios has a very long and interesting history and there are a number of interesting sights and places to visit when you travel to the island.

Holidays in Ios Greece

When you get to Ios the first thing that will strike you is just how pretty the island actually is. The small whitewashed churches, of which there are more than 300, stand out perfectly against the blue sky and sea, and during the months of spring, the gardens are filled with flowers of all colours and delightful aromas filling the morning air.

The capital town of Chora is one part of the island that all visitors head to and here you can enjoy some great views as well as the chance to find a nice tavernas to enjoy a bite to eat or something to drink. The Archaeological Museum of Chora is well worth visiting if you have the chance.

Travelling to Ios

There are frequent ferry services to and from the island of Ios during the summer months, and a more limited service for the rest of the year. You will find daily ferry services to Ios from Piraeus, as well as small local ferries that offer a service from some of the neighbouring islands such as Mykonos, Naxos, Folegandros and Sikinos. There are no direct flights to Ios as the island does not have an airport. The nearest island to Ios with an airport is Santorini. From there you can travel over to Ios by ferry boat.

Things to do in Ios

There are some very interesting places in Ios that you can visit such as the town of Chora, as well as others like Skarkos which is an early Cycladic settlement, and also Palaiokastro which is located in the north of the island and which used to be a fort during the Byzantine period. The island also has a large number of churches that are worth visiting such as Panayia Gremiotissa which is located at the highest point in Chora and has some amazing views stretching out over the island out to sea.

When in Ios you must sample some of the delicious local cuisine. There are a number of small tavernas and restaurants where you can enjoy a tasty home cooked meal and enjoy some of the islands traditional dishes such as sun-dried picarel, dolmadakia made with fresh vineleaves from the island and a variety of other mouthwatering delights. The locally producted wine is also worth sampling and is the perfect companion to your meals.

Beaches in Ios

The island of Ios has an amazing coastline and you can find some magnificent beaches here that are perfect for relaxing and recreation during the summer months. As well as the beach of Mylopatos, where we are located, you can find a selection of other beautiful beaches such as Koubara beach, Maganari beach, Agia Theodoti, Kalamos and many others.

Mylopotas Beach Agia Theodoti Beach Koubara Beach

Accommodation in Ios

We operate our own guest house where you can enjoy accommodation in one of our studios or apartments. Our guesthouse is located just 80 meters from the famous beach of Mylopotas and is a perfect place to stay allowing you easy access around the island, and also to the beach where you can enjoy diving or some of our other watersports and activities.